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PRP Tears for Dry Eye

As one of the most common reasons for patients (especially seniors) to seek ophthalmic care, dry eye disease causes eye discomfort, eye fatigue, visual disturbances, and tear film instability that, left untreated, can cause further damage. When treating dry eyes, the goal is to restore or maintain the normal amount of tears while alleviating dryness, relieving discomfort, and maintaining eye health.

PRP tears for moderate to severe dry eye disease

Today, thanks to advances in regenerative medicine, PRP tears offer therapeutic value for improving the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. As formulated from platelet- rich plasma derived from a patient’s own blood that’s combined with artificial tears, PRP tears contain potent growth factors and active biological agents that promote healing and restorative processes.

What do PRP tears do?

PRP tears alleviate symptoms of dry eye disease and offer the following benefits:

  • PRP tears are a natural, cost-effective, preservative, and chemical-free medication
  • PRP tears support and accelerate healing
  • PRP tears decrease inflammation
  • PRP tears help rebuild and restore the surface of the eye

Other therapeutic uses

In addition to the treatment of moderate to severe dry eye disease, PRP tears can also help address slow healing after specific eye surgeries, injuries, and conditions, including corneal ulcerations, infections, burns, inflammation, other defects, and disorders.