New York Cornea Consultants

Are You Ready To Ditch Your Eyeglasses?

December 28, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 45 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses; two-thirds of them are female. Some folks start when they’re in their teens, while others wait until they’re adults. There are many advantages to wearing contacts instead of glasses. Those benefits include a wider field of view, better conditions while engaging in sports, and fewer vision distortions and obstructions.

If you’d like to start wearing contacts, you will receive outstanding care and attention to detail at the office of New York Cornea Consultants. Our staff has created a warm and pleasant atmosphere, and our ophthalmologists are determined to exceed your high expectations. 

Most types of contact lenses can be worn daily or monthly before being removed for cleaning or disposal. Here’s an overall comparison. 


If you’re someone who can’t or doesn’t want to keep your possessions tidy and organized, one-use daily contacts are a good choice because you don’t need to clean them in a solution and stow them overnight in a lens case. Unlike long ago, disposable lenses are now quite common, probably because they’re more convenient and you enjoy the luxury of seeing through an unsullied pair every day. Don’t forget to remove them before you go to bed.


If you’re organized and appreciate consistency, monthly contacts—wear them for up to 30 days before scrapping them—might be more up your alley. As with most contact lenses, it’s important to take them out before bedtime and store them in fresh contact lens solution. This applies to even the extended variety. The daily cleaning is vital because bacteria, calcium, proteins, lipids, dust and allergens can attach themselves to the lenses. The bacteria can cause eye infections, and the other stuff could cause other complications and will cloud the lenses. 

The ophthalmologists here at the office of New York Cornea Consultants pride themselves on their friendly professionalism, and they’re eager to provide each patient with excellent assistance and care. We use state-of-the-art equipment that’s designed with safety, comfort and efficiency in mind. Please contact us soon so you can receive the attention and service you deserve.